Mother’s Worry

Mother's Worry - 1975 Honda CB360T
Mother’s Worry
1975 Honda CB360T

This 1975 Honda CB 360T had been in storage for about 20 years when it made its way to the shop. Not a donor candidate since it was almost complete. Gerry joked how it’s every mother’s worry their kid would show up with a basket case…

This custom café racer project was born.


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Mother's Worry - 1975 Honda CB360T Mother's Worry - 1975 Honda CB360T MW02 MW03 MW04 MW05 MW06 MW07 MW08 MW09 MW10 MW11 MW12 MW13 MW14 MW15 MW16 MW17 MW18 MW19 MW20 MW21 MW22 MW23 MW24 MW25 MW26 MW27 MW28 MW29 MW30 MW31 MW32 MW33 MW34 Mother's Worry Mother's Worry